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How we teach business skills - training courses in Serbia

How we teach?

On our training courses you learn practical skills through active participation

We use active learning methodology where you learn to use practical business tools you can use immediately at work or on the project. This experiential learning methodology enables you to apply acquired knowledge immediately (at interactive-workshops-seminars), and create the bases (through feedback), to build necessary business skills and advance your personal development and professional career.

In our exercises we use action learning methodology:
  1. Formation of the group
  2. Presentation of problem or task to group
  3. Reframing the problem
  4. Determining goals
  5. Developing action strategies
  6. Taking action
  7. Capturing learnings
Our instructors are active professionals who are working and managing the leading companies in Serbia. They are all widely recognized authorities in their respective fields of expertise. The skills and knowledge they teach, they use in their everyday business practice. You learn practical, modern and applicable business skills and knowledge

Competency-based training courses that use the latest business skills training techniques to attain optimum learning results.

(interactive workshop in Bor)

(training for project PLATO Smederevo)

(training in Hotel Splendid, Montenegro)

(training for Holcim serbia)

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Our business and management courses will develop skills needed in any department of an organization including: business writing training , communications training, soft skills training, contract management training, customer service training, desktop publishing training, entrepreneurship training, leadership training , project management training, marketing training, planning training, sales training, Six Sigma training and ISO training.

We apply 5 step evaluation process:
  1. What was the participants reaction (satisfaction)?
  2. How much knowledge and skills they have acquired?
  3. Change in participants behavior, or how they apply it to work?
  4. What is the impact on results, or meeting the organizations goals?
  5. ROI – What is the return on investment?

NEW = Do you want better performance and effective change management?

The list of all training courses

Creativity and innovation to competitive advantage training from Miodrag Kostic

Public training "Japanese way for Business in Serbia” in Belgrade Chamber of Commerce - March 18th 2014

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