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Modern business education

Customized business skills training courses Belgrade Serbia

Interactive training courses could be customized (custom built) according to clients business needs. Education plan and program is prepared after analyses of clients specific business needs, and training courses performed as interactive workshops, teaching employees how to use practical business tools.

(training at 'JKP Cistoca' Novi Sad)

(training for Smart Sales Sarajevo)

For example, if company or organization needs to improve internal or external communication, teamwork and employee motivation, training program is created to answer these specific business education needs.

Training is performed modularly, covering required business skills through one or more education modules (1.5 hour). They are performed using active learning methodology, through business case studies, forms, questionnaires, roll plays, and business simulation games.

Education modules:
  • Motivation
  • Communication
  • Negotiating
  • Teamwork
  • Business organization
  • Procedures
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Change management
  • Innovation
  • Project management
  • Internet business
  • Risk management
  • Customer relationship
Or we will create them according to your needs

This approach guaranties maximum learning effect, because they learn how to solve practical everyday business problems.

The list of all training courses

Creativity and innovation to competitive advantage training from Miodrag Kostic

Public training "Japanese way for Business in Serbia” in Belgrade Chamber of Commerce - March 18th 2014

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